Wednesday, 29 February 2012

About BirdWorld

So its been a long time coming, but I can finally announce the imminent release of BirdWorld, my National Film & Television School grad film. It's been an amazing and crazy year, and I've been absolutely privileged to work with such an amazing crew!

And here is the trailer:


2012 6 mins 30 secs Colour Dolby Digital
Mixed Rotoscope & Key Frame Animation

SPARROW is struck by a plane and lands wounded in a mysterious city inhabited by anthropomorphised birds.

With the chaos of urban life all around him, Sparrow goes on a heady journey of self-discovery and is faced with a choice: should he follow his natural instinct and flee, or adapt his nature and embrace city life.

This animated short with its distinctive illustrative style is a seductively immersive experience about our unnatural love affair with the city. A film for anyone who has ever lost him or herself.

Laura Swan -Sparrow
Miranda Barrie -Dancing Bird
James Thompson -Paramedic/Tramp/Bouncer
Jamie Stone -Sushi Bird

Alastair McColl -Director
Len Rowles -Producer
Ingeborg Tops√łe -Writer
Arthur Mulhern -Cinematographer
Thalia Eccleston -Production Designer
Esteban Frost -Production Designer
Arttu Salmi -Editor
Maria Anne Aburn -SFX Supervisor
Robin PW Blick -Online Editor and Colourist
Sarah Byers -CG Supervisor
Jonathan Hill -Composer
Steve Bond Sound -Designer & Re-recording Mixer
Louisa Thomas -Costume Designer

(c) National Film & Television School 2012